Me:  Mimi loves you.

Pam:  I know she does. 

Me:  Mimi’s going to be a reoccuring theme on my blog.  As are you. You’re like a celebrity.

Pam:  I know, don’t you have any other friends?


Personal Assistant


Me:  When I get famous do you want to be my personal assistant?

Pam:  Yes.

Me:  You’ll have to clean my room.

Pam:  Can’t I just hire someone to do that?

Me:  No, not when we’re first starting out – we won’t have money yet.  And that’s what personal assistants do.

Pam:  Clean your room?

Me:  Yea, you know, find my papers and stuff.  And you’ll have to cook food.

Pam:  What?

Me:  It’s better than what you do now. 

Pam:  It is actually what I do now.

Me:  I’ll buy you lots of presents. 

Pam:  Okay.

Save the Water

I’ve been teased for this issue being one of my beefs (I have a habit of turning off water while people are still using it) – but growing up in Northern California with all those hippies during the drought made me a little water crazy.  Plus, how great and beautiful is water?  And how terrible that we waste it when so many the world are in need of it – are actually desperate for it!  Nothing more embarrassing than fulfilling the stereotype that we Americans hog all the resources out there.  Conserving water is neither conservative or liberal – it’s just part of being a decent human being.  So participate – conserve!

Click on the graph below to find out about the shortage and what we can do to help make it go away. 



Me:  The only reason I’m still friends with David is because he brings me Pupusas.

Pam:  You could always buy your own Pupusas. 

David:  (Says nothing.  Continues silently reading magazine with disinterested expression.). 


(taken from blondieandbrownie.blogspot.com)

Arrested Development

buster_bluthA few years ago I purchased all three seasons of Arrested Development as a birthday present to me from my parents.  My roommate and I immediately watched all three seasons and then I started lending them out to other people to share the joy.  They just recently landed back in my possession and I can’t stop watching them.  If you haven’t seen the show it is seriously the funniest entertainment that has ever graced the airways.  I’m so glad they have enough wits to make a movie.  Don’t ruin this, Michael Cera.  Don’t forget where you came from, kid. 

VUE downloadstobias-the-blue-man_smarrested-development

Nick Jonas

If I was forced to pick a Jonas brother, let’s say for adoption purposes, I would choose Nick Jonas.   You’re just a pretty face, Joe (nice tambourine, man!).  I would also force Nick to cut off all ties with Miley Cyrus because I have strong feelings of dislike for that girl.  And maybe I agree, maybe Nick is the next Justin Timberlake, minus all the sexy talk.  I blame Rolling Stones that I’m even talking about this.  They put the Jonas brothers on the front this month.  So, you know, they forced me to pick a favorite.  I’m going to go read something substantial and forget i ever mentioned this. 



Plant Acne

Me:  I’m worried about Lola (my new plant).

Barbara: Why?

Me:  I’m just worried I won’t keep her alive.  Look, she’s already wilting.

Barbara:  Where?

Me: Right there on the corner.

Barbara:  It’s fine.

Me:  She’s dying. I’m already killing her. 

Barbara:  It’s just a blemish.  She can’t be perfect.  It’s like that mark on your chin.

Me:  My zit?

Barbara:  Yes. It’s like the plant has a zit on it’s chin and it’ll go away.

Me:  (In my head) What a terrible comparison!

(500) days of Summer

I’m so excited for this movie I can hardly breathe.*  I love her (Zooey.  Just found out she’s engaged to Ben Gibbard from Death Cab for Cutie which made me sad because I like his old girfriend).  I want the soundtrack.  I love that it’s in L.A.  (I’m as of late falling in love with L.A.).  And I already know who I’ll identify with.  The heart sick, love sick, dopey one.  Oh bother.   

Click on the picture to watch the preview!  I’m so technologically advanced these days.  Actually I still don’t know how to put a youtube video on my site.