Bob Dylan

Speaking of Bob Dylan, I sat on the phone with my mother the other night and read to her from his new interview in Rolling Stones.  We couldn’t get through a few lines without stopping and dissecting something he offered.  What he can do with words, even when he’s just rambling about his life is, well, humbling.  Whether you like Dylan or not, the article is interesting on numerous levels.  Stories of Lost America, Dissapearing Hometowns, a Decaying Elvis, an Uninspired Johnny Cash and journeys to find the roots of Bob’s legends.  It’s very stirring.  And I have a place in my heart, a home I suppose, for a Midwestern story teller.  It’s the Minnesota Pollack blood that still sits inside me.  Like my mother says, Put on Garrison Keillor on a Sunday evening and something just feels right.    And when I’m driving on an L.A. freeway and Like a Rolling Stone comes on the radio – it’s true – something just feels right. 

A new fact I learned about Dylan – Art!


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