Sites I live by…or just love period.



Internationally available online music search engine, music streaming service.  Allows users to users to search for and stream music for free.  Users can also create their own playlists.   I am in love with Grooveshark.  I want to marry it and make music babies with it.  It’ll probably get cancelled because I love it so much.



Buy and sell handmade items.  It’s like a virtual craft fair.  My friend Rebecca has a site with her cute items for sell.  Buy from her!



A trading site. List books, movies, video games, and c.d’s you have and don’t want anymore.  Then make a wish list.  The site finds you matches and then you swap!  You can even print shipping labels from home.  It’s my new addiction.  ‘Nough said.

Pam reminded that I forgot my favorite photo site.  Thanks, Pam.

Trek Earth:


Travel photos from everywhere in the world.  Just type in a city and you’re there.  It’s insane and gets me through hard days when I’m longing to dissapear into somewhere exotic or distant.  Enjoy!

United Kingdom Photo by Adam Sampara

United Kingdom Photo by Adam Sampara


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  1. I like your friend Rebecca’s stuff. I wish I was I knew how to sew. What happened to the class we were going to take. nevermind. I’m busy. You forgot trekearth and facebook.

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