Iron and Wine

I love Iron & Wine.  I don’t always recommend him (Iron and Wine is the stage and recording name of folk rock singer, Sam Bean) because people tend to think my music preferences are depressing.  (And I want it to be noted that I loved Sam Beam long before Twilight came out, thank you very much.)

sam bean

A few years back I took a few of his albums with me when I traveled to Egypt and Cyprus as a nanny for some friends.  I played him in the mornings while Eliana, then a few inches from being two (was she 17 months?), would play and ready herself for a nap.  Now when I hear certain songs I see her covered in sand, red hair sticking to her neck as she waddles towards the departing Mediterranean waves.  

Now she’s big. [insert achy heart]


So I had on Iron and Wine today while sitting in my office and I kept rewinding one song in particular.  Listen at Grooveshark if you like.  Something about the words and the melody is so interesting to me.  Not really peaceful, but kind of.  Disturbing?  Is she dead?  Asleep on her lover’s grave? Escaping? 

If you haven’t listened to Iron and Wine I say start with: The Trapeze Swinger ** Flightless Bird, American Mouth ** Passing Afternoon. 

Muddy Hymnal by Iron and Wine

found your name across the chapel door
carved in cursive with a table fork
muddy hymnals
and some bootmarks where you’d been

the shaking preacher told the captain’s man
the righteous suffer in a fallen land
and pulled the shade
to keep the crowd from peeking in

we found your children by the tavern door
with wooden buttons and an apple core
playing house
and telling everyone you’d drowned

the begging choir told the captain’s man
we all assume the worst the best we can
and for a round or two
they’d gladly track you down

we found you sleeping by your lover’s stone
a ream of paper and a telephone
a broken bow
across a long lost violin

your lover’s angel told the captain’s man
it never ends the way we had it planned
and kissed her palm
and placed it on your dreaming head


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