Frederick Buechner

The first book I ever read by Buechner was when I lived in Sierra Leone.  I finished it and had the strongest feeling I wanted to write a book.   The Eyes of the Heart is my most favorite book from him.  It’s not for everyone, but it was for me (I lent it to my mother who didn’t read it but lent it to her friend who hated it.  My mother still hasn’t read it.  You haven’t, Bette.  Nor have you read that Nouwen book I lent you.  Ahem.).

But to the point of this post –  I like this interview by PBS with Buechner:


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  1. I cut out the beginning of the blog. It seemed an unnecessary rant that perhaps introduced too many of my beefs, if you know what i mean. But I’m still a rebel, Heath.

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