Weekend update with well, Me

This weekend I learned that I have brushed my teeth so hard that I’ve worn the enamel off two teeth and exposed their nerves.  Bummer.  I just want clean teeth, Dentist Baby (make sure you use the right voice when saying this last sentence.  If you’re not sure of the right voice think Barry White.). 

I also got to dance two nights in a row.  Dance = Happiness.  Tonight my friend Sharon and I challenged unwilling, sheepish guests to Dance Offs.  We won every time because the other party wouldn’t participate (Suckas!).  We would have won anyways because we are really good at choregraphed dance moves.  We have this one that’s a mix of russian polka meets excited three year old.  I guess you had to be there.   

I also watched 6 episodes of Friday Night Lights.  Six.  And I still love it.  LOVE it.  When I watch it I want to live in a small town in Texas and go to football games on Friday nights and eat at a diner for pie and coffee and know everybody’s name in town.  “Hi, Earl.  Oh my mama’s doing good Ms. Tucker.”  And I want to shop at the Piggly Wiggly, drink sweet tea and go to the fair during the summertime.  But I also want to have an H&M nearby, more than two races in a town and always have good access to quality sushi.  Plus I hate big trucks, racists and most country music.  So…. it’s complicated.  I like to tell my mother that I’m going to buy a farm and she snickers and says I wouldn’t last a week which then causes me to look for farms to buy on Craig’s List.  Keep it up, Mom – You’re going to force me into making the worst purchase of my life.  

Tomorrow I am committing to sitting down for a few hours to write.  Also laundry.  There’s some clothes that have taken up residence in my closet.  I’d like to meet them again – see if they still fit – take them out on the town and let ’em live a little.   Pushing Daisies is probably on the docket as well.  More to come on that front.   But I will say this – there’s two final episodes left for me to watch – and I’m already very unhappy about signing off.  I hate goodbyes.  And Lee Pace is my # celebrity crush.  Okay I’ll be honest.  I’m in love with the character he plays.  Not the first time this has happened.  Cough.  Twilight. 

I bought a frame today that says: Thank Heavens for Little Boys.  I’m going to put a picture of Robert Pattinson (yes, the main star from Twilight) in it.  And then I’m going to die alone.


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  1. I have to resonate with the toothbrushing thing. Teeth brushing? I digress. My gums are receding on one of my front teeth. What the heck?

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