The Most Stupidiest Blog I’ve Ever Written, Ever.

I went to lunch with a few coworkers the other day.  We got Thai.  I ordered Spicy Basil Shrimp on Brown Rice hold the Spicy.  I received Spicy Basil Shrimp on White Rice.   The conversation went like this: “Are those chillis?”  “What?”  “Are those chillis?”  “They look like chillis.”  ” I, uh, actually said I didn’t want it spicy?” “Well is it spicy?” 

Moving on. 

Drew Barrymore came up.  Which got the table talking about our celebrity crushes.  She was a hit.  Not with me.  I insisted we write out our lists immediately on the paper tablecloths.  Girl and Boy list.  Here’s the list I came up with since I know you’re all dying to know who I picked!  Okay, I’m going to be honest – I can’t remember my list… which is driving me crazy.  So here’s my list for today for boys.  I’ll do my girl list some other time because I’m tired and this is a complete waste of my time and yours.  Why are you even still reading?  Go read the Economist.  Or BBC.  Or read on!

1. Lee Pace:  Star of Pushing Daisies.  Star of my Dreams.  (It’d be so much funnier if you could hear me saying that).   I went through a phase where I was WAY into Lee.  Like WAY into him.   

Lee Pace












2.  Robert Pattinson:  I know.  He’s like four years old.  But READ THE BOOKS and LEAVE ME ALONE.  And come on, look at his photo …












3.  Adrien Brody:  It’s the voice and the nose and the extremely long legs.  Love him.  Plus the Darjeeling Limited is my favorite movie right now.  Has been this last year. 














4.  Jim Sturgess:  I really do want to find Jim Sturgess and ask him out on a date.  Or maybe just clone him.  Clone him and name the clone The Other Jim Sturgess.  Or The Jim Sturgess That Only Digs My Chilli. 













 5.  This last one was a bit hard for me.  I couldn’t decide between Ewan McGregor, Billy Crudup (who usually always wins), John Krasinski or Ryan Gosslin.  And didn’t Billy Crudup leave his wife when she was pregnant?  And Ryan Gosslin, though one of my favorite actors, seems like a diva, plus I don’t like blondes.  So that lives John Krasinski or McGregor.   McGregor is Scottish and rides motorcycles so he wins.  




5 responses

  1. I considered him too. I go through phases of having a crush on Edward Norton. Like after I saw The Painted Veil. He’s pretty great. But yes… The Pie Maker, The Pie Maker.

  2. this is the best blog ever written, i do not know what you are talking about.
    i heated lee pace in miss pettigrew lives for a day. and i know it does not need to be spoken…. but rpattz FO LIFE.

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