(500) days of Summer

I’m so excited for this movie I can hardly breathe.*  I love her (Zooey.  Just found out she’s engaged to Ben Gibbard from Death Cab for Cutie which made me sad because I like his old girfriend).  I want the soundtrack.  I love that it’s in L.A.  (I’m as of late falling in love with L.A.).  And I already know who I’ll identify with.  The heart sick, love sick, dopey one.  Oh bother.   

Click on the picture to watch the preview!  I’m so technologically advanced these days.  Actually I still don’t know how to put a youtube video on my site. 




5 responses

  1. I re-found your blog! I have enjoyed reading and laughing… mostly at your conversations with Pam. 🙂 YES! 500 days of summer looks so good! I will watch it with you if you decide to go on a weekday. If not, I will go with you for your second time. 🙂

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