Reading Challenge

I’m giving myself a reading challenge – it’s slighty directed by my writing teacher- with one or two added from other sources.  Any interested takers?  Wanna read with me?  Here’s the list she gave me – plus one from my friend Shawn:

1. Revolutionary Road

2. Leaving Brooklyn

3. So long, See you tomorrow

4. Angle of Repose

5. A Room of One’s Own

6.  To the Lighthouse

7. The Sparrow (Mary Doria Russel)


4 responses

  1. …you know…I think I am going to. I love book recommendations and I have been reading way to much non-fiction (I am not sure if I picked the right one…I think I did…my friend marie taught me not real=non-fiction…but I always get it confused with fake=fiction….or are these the same thing?) regardless…I am going to find me some cheap copies on the inter-webs.

  2. talk about on the ball….I just purchased each and every one of them.
    and it was less than 35 bucks. booooyyaaaaaah. Happy reading to me.

    • I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. I’m going really slow so you might totally lap me. But HOW fun to have a friend along for the ride! I like you.

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