Harry Connick Jr.

I just realized something today. 

When I was in elementary school I had a big o’ crush on Harry Connick Jr.  I realized today that the album I first had was produced when Connick was 20 years old!  Crazy.  Which means I was about nine when I got it.  Here’s a scene:  When I was small my family made friends with some people in Berkeley – Chinese nationals that had moved to the States.  One family in particular we bonded with and they had an English teacher, a youngish, super tall, brown haired, handsome Berkeley type  that had won over my small heart.   His name was Simon.  We’d have dinner all together and he was insufferably kind and he loved the CAL bears and he loved Harry Connick Jr. and I loved him.  I remember being in a house in Berkeley and he was there and he put on the album.  I was seated on the couch nervously bouncing my legs and I told him in my most mature voice possible that I too, loved Harry Connick Jr., which caused him to exclaim, “You do!” and then he sang the words to me.  It was quite romantic.   

The album in question: 



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