Water, PAM!

Pam, my coworker, works upstairs in an office with a really good window that opens.  I work downstairs in a hot office that doesn’t have a window that opens.  Pam also has the water cooler up by her.  And the copy machine.  And the refrigerator.  And her air conditioning works.  And no one can knock on her window all day long. 

I recently decided that because life is THIS unfair, I’m not going to go upstairs to get water anymore.  So now I either stand at the bottom of the stairs and yell, WATER, PAM, NOW!  Or i just send emails with the same sentiment.  Sometimes the emails just say: WATER!  Sometimes they’re more specific: WATER IN THE PLASTIC CUP, PAM, NOW!  Sometimes she needs multiple emails, phone calls, shouts to get her to respond as needed.  If you feel bad about the way I’m treating Pam you need to read the first paragraph and remember that I’m the one that’s suffering. 

Mike, the security guard, once told me that there were little gnomes inside the water cooler that made the water come out of the spout.  He said this because I was standing with my head behind the water cooler saying, “Where the heck does this water come from????” 

Look at this guy!  And her hair!



NO JOKE, Pam just showed up with water!!!!  BAH!  She’s mad now and she’s drinking it herself, saying, “What? Do you think I have nothing to do all day!”


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