Revolutionary Road

I finished Revolutionary Road, the book, yesterday.  It is written so well – it’s really, really incredible the way Yates  is able to go beneath the characters and explain, unceremoniously, their longings, decisions, excuses.  He raises the bar high for writers.  But it’s not a favorite book.  It’s so hopeless.  No one ends up okay.  No one.  Everyone is left empty, with all their hopes and dreams wrung out of them.  And no one is likable.  Every person is out for their own good, their own cause.   I suppose some believe that in our most human state we are mearly animals – thinking only of our own survival.  But I think there’s more to the human race.  I think there’s goodness in us – primal goodness.  That opens a whole can of worms about altruism – are we good only for what good it brings to us?  None-the-less, the book was a good read and I’m glad I got into it and finished it.  Sad as it was, the writing was amazing – and it got me thinking again about how to be happy, asking the question- what does it really take to be okay?  Choices, choices, choices.  What powerful options we have – not to change the world, not to be heroic – but the option to live a meaningful life.   Like that moment in the film version, when Frank is on his knees, telling his wife, “We can be happy here.”  Revroad


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