To the Lighthouse

I started this book last night…


And who am I to critique Virginia Woolf, but I don’t know if I like her style.  I usually really like stream of consciousness, that’ s how I often write, but her stream of consciousness is hard for me to follow.  Most of the time I’m left trying to figure out what she meant, rather than being struck by the insight or the prose.  But you know, it’s a classic and what do I know?  I will try to see it through.


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  1. Wow. Impressive, Hill. I read one of her books in college (I think it was Mrs Dalloway, can’t remember though), and I remember that it’s a tough read exactly because of her writing style. It’s a lot to unpack while you are reading, so it’s hard to just enjoy, because you have to do so much work at the same time. Good luck with it!

    • Well, be impressed when I finish it. Do you remember in high school, how’d you’d tease me for never finishing books!?! I always think of that when I get half way through a book and stop. I think what started it was my inability to finish A Prayer for Owen Meany. Which, sadly, I still have not finished.

      • Oh my, I have totally forgotten about that. I wasn’t always so nice back then. But really, the ending is the best part of A Prayer for Owen Meany. One of the best I’ve read (Oh drat, now I built it up). I’ll send my old copy to you to finish.

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