I was sitting on hold today and it reminded me of an old job I had where I had to transfer calls.  Once the Dean of the School called and asked to be transfered to a Director in our department.  There was some tricky deal with transfering where you had to make sure a person wasn’t on hold before you sent it.  So I did the transfer and then a good twenty to twenty-five minutes later my phone rings again.  I pick it up and say the opening Hello and it’s the Dean and he tells me in a bothered tone that he has been sitting on hold for the whole time listening to classical music.  I apologized dramatically and transferred him successfully. 


But here’s the thing – who waits on hold for thirty minutes – when your office is downstairs from the place you’re trying to reach?  It’s not like he had called the DMV or Social Security.  I blame him.  Laziness. 

While trying to find a good image for this post I came across this blog – Funny!


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