Love your Wrists

I sprained my wrist over the weekend.  It was very undramatic.  I couldn’t get a window open and all the pulling and tugging and straining ended badly for me.  So, without thinking too much about it I followed basic first aide training –  R.I.C.E. –  Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevate.  And today – it doesn’t really hurt anymore.  So, I now feel more confident in my First Aide certification and if any of you out there need me to come and administer first aide, I’m all over it.  Didyou know that a sprained wrist is one of the most common injuries?  I learned this fact the other day when I thought I had carpal tunnel – the nurse actually helped me figure out it was a sprained wrist –  so showy with that degree of hers.  All to say, be nice to your wrists.



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