Top Fives

Tell me, please, your top 5 albums.  Now here’s the qualifications.

1. You don’t skip songs, usually, and 2. no matter how many years pass you love the album and 3. sometimes it just plays and plays in your car or in your office and it captures something- some time in your life and 4. It’s not that the artist is your favorite artist – it’s the album – the whole concept and lastly 5. don’t put too much time into it – just say what comes to mind. 

Here’s mine (off the top of my head):

Ray Lamontagne: Trouble











Counting Crows: August and Everything After

counting crows











Paul Simon: Graceland












John Mayer: Heavier Things

john mayer 










Iron and Wine:  Our Endless Numbered Days



8 responses

  1. How can there be no comments yet…
    Off the top of my head…
    Proclaimers -Sunshine on Leith (NObody else will have this one!)
    David Crowder- Remedy
    Jack Johnson – Bushfire Fairytales
    Mindy Smith- One moment please
    Drew Bray- Drew Bray

  2. I didn’t respond because it’s hard. I kinda cheated. I looked at my itunes list first. I might regret it later but here goes…

    Postal Service – Give Up
    Lauryn Hill – Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
    Beatles – White Album
    Ben Harper – Welcome to the Cruel World
    Coldplay – X&Y

  3. Nice, Pamela. I love the Postal Service album and I thought about Coldplay, but couldn’t make the jump. Good job. And the White Album, of course, good choice.

  4. is that the john i know? his choices make me mad. is that ok to say? my top five…this is hard.

    number one. (for sure.) bjork. vespertine.
    number two. (for sure.) snow patrol. eyes open. (the extended version ’cause it has “warmer climate” on it.)
    number three. the sundays. reading, writing and arithmetic.
    number four. the maccabees. (really both of their albums, but i’ll pick their newest because it’s in constant rotation and i love EVERY song.) wall of arms.
    number five. lisa hannigan. sea sew. (I hate to say it, but it’s true. my gary has great taste in women.)

    this list isn’t very cool huh? i feel like i should have some very serious older artists on this…but really I love every song on every album listed here and can sing them word for word…except for the sundays…cause really, she has a really strong accent and i just make up words to this one. it sounds really pretty though.

  5. The National- Boxer
    Counting Crows- August and Everything After
    Neil Young- Harvest
    U2- Achtung Baby
    Don Chafer- You Were at the TIme for Love
    Wilco- Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

    I know it’s 6 but I couldn’t help myself.

    • Oh your list is way cooler than mine, especially since you dropped Neil Young and Wilco. Not that this is a competition, but, (sigh of defeat), you totally won.

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