Pam (coworker) and I are walking back from lunch today and it’s beautiful out – Not to hot, light breeze, just perfect.  I notice these bright pink flowers and then, hovering above the flowers, I see a humming bird.  I excitedly point and say, “Pam, Hummingbird!”  She sees it too, with a “Oooo!”  And then I say, in a rather loud and frantic voice, while ducking, “Don’t let it hit you in the head!”  To which Pam replies, confused and ducking slightly, “Why would you say that?”   I stayed for a moment, holding my knees and laughing on the street. 

My mother loves hummingbirds.  She has little feeders on our back porch in the Bay Area and in the evening she pours a glass of wine and watches them hover and sip sugar.  They really are something to behold – how their wings move so fast you barely see them and the way the light refelcts off their irredescent feathers.  My mother has explained to me repeatedly that they are, in fact, vicous fighters, defensive of their turf.  She’s seen a few gruesome battles over her backyard.  She told me once that because of the hummingbirds immense speed, being hit in the head by one is like being hit with a speeding baseball with a nail sticking out of it.  Maybe she made up that analogy herself, but oh has it stuck with me. 

Whenever I see hummingbirds I have the same reaction.  1st Awe.  2nd Panic and the desire to duck. 

Other facts:

1. My mother takes amazing pictures of hummingbirds.

2. I have a stained-glass hummingbird in my room. 



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