Parade Route

Apparently my blog is most visited by people looking up Pupusas and Jim Sturgess.  Kind of funny.  Actually, if you google Pupusas and click images, my blog comes up first.  You know, I really do LOVE pupusas, so maybe I should make this blog all about pupusas.

On a different note, I really love Pasadena.  It’s such an interesting city and I take a lot of pride in living here.  We have great food (anything you want), a cheap theatre and a really awesome, eclectic theatre, beautiful architecture and old, funky houses, fun art and music venues and of course, the Rose Parade.  I’ve been working at the shelter here for a few years and we’re right next the parade route and so throughout the year we get to see all the floats come by with their police escorts.  It makes me happy inside and I usually run to the top of the shelter and watch from Pam’s large window.  Today, sadly, I was stuck behind the float, trying to get into our parking lot.  But I snapped a photo with my cell phone because it’s just SO exciting.  Next time I’ll try and get you a better photo. 



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