Give me an F…. F! You got your F, You got your F!

It’s August and I can feel fall coming, which in my book means one thing – FOOTBALL SEASON!  I may wear skinny jeans, band shirts, bangs and scarfs in summer.  I may listen to indie radio and go to the artsy movie theatre.  But come fall, I love me some football – always have, always will. 


Now I know I shouldn’t talk about it because it’s so overdone, but I can’t help it – Brett Favre.  Here’s the thing – I know he’s acted a fool.  I know he’s been a diva.  I know he’s been inconsistent.  And even though I feel real sad with how he left things with Green Bay, I love him.  The man loves to play, loves to win and I can accept that.  If he was a terrible player or a has-been then I’d say: “get off the field!” –  but he’s still got it.  I do wish he’d shut up and play though.  I don’t want to hear anymore news conferences or interviews or crying sessions.  No more words.  Throw the ball, Favre.  And stop retiring. 

Anyways, here’s to early morning College games, long Sundays, the Niners having a chance, mud and rain and the sound of helmets clashing, Favre shutting up, Berkeley pride and a cold, glass of beer.  Let the games begin! 



5 responses

  1. Favre is a narcissistic bitch. Go do another Wranglers commercial, make some appearances in the booth on MNF and let people who actually care about football watch a league struggle to regain its dignity. Prediction: the slight tear in his right rotator cuff will sideline him a little more than halfway through the season and we’ll have to watch another teary-eyed retirement press conference as he screws over his 2nd franchise in as many years.

  2. Go spill your hate-o-raide somewhere else. Like try a pansy Romo-Take-The-Wheel website. Oh Rooommmoooo.

    And come on, who has he ACTUALLY hurt? The Jets? Really? They were doing a bang up job before he came? Did I miss something?

    Predicition: Best year of his damn career.

    But hey, we havin’ a Kick off party at our house? Say yes. Say yes.

  3. And actually, I’m going to agree with you. LESS Favre, MORE football. It’s like the last time, when the olympics were starting, and all the news would cover was Favre’s press conferences. Lame.

  4. Wait, who is Romo and what does he have to do with the topic at hand? You are right about the Jets, it is their own fault for giving up their draft pick, which should have been a QB, to get Favre. Shame on them.

    What, O Blogstress, is your prediction based on? He’s going to a run first team whose best receiver is questionably healthy and tight end is not known for catching many balls. He’s always had good to great receivers and Shannon freaking Sharpe in his dominant years. Tell me you have a bit of insight and are not just making a blind statement…

  5. Actually, ahem, this blog was supposed to be about Football season begining and how great that is!

    But, if we must debate- No, it won’t be his best year, that was me being a smart ass. But really, one never know with Favre – it could be a good year. He did great with the Jets until his arm went out. Which you’re right, might (will) happen again. But the Vickings have a dominant defensive line and Adrian Peterson in the backfield. And if he can do his magic in the pocket and if that arm stays strong and he doesn’t throw an endless amount of interceptions, who knows? It’s football. Anything’s possible.

    It’s not that I think Favre handled this well and it’s not even that I think he’s right. But the reality is, people still want him and he still wants to play. So whether he should or shouldn’t is his choice. He’s still getting signed, he can do what he wants. He should stop playing, why? So other players get a chance? Really? So he doesn’t hurt the franchise? The Vickings have a practically sold out season now – which is good for the franchise, no?

    But I can’t argue stats or players with you – because I am undoubtely ignorant in that arena – you’ll run circles around me. I like watching the game and I like watching Favre – That’s all I go.

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