This week in my music world.

Listening to French-Israeli singer, Yael Naim today.  She’s cute.  I haven’t fallen in love yet though.  I like when she sings in French. yael-naim











Band of Annuals.  Still great.  And if you haven’t heard them, get right to it.  Americana-Alt-Country-Goodness.   There’s a song on their EP called Part III and it just slays me.  It’s hands down one of the best break up songs I’ve ever heard. 














Old Paul Simon and Bob Dylan.  Can I suggest a playlist for you to create on Grooveshark?   Simon – Still Crazy After All These Years, Slip Slidin’ Away, Hearts and Bones, Obvious Child, and Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes.   And Dylan: Just Like a Woman, Don’t think Twice, and To Make You Feel My Love.   Add some Neil Young – like Heart of Gold and Unknown Legend.  And then maybe some old Clapton – like Blind Faith era – Can’t find my way home and Presence of the Lord.   That’s what I’m listening to, at least, and it’s nice and maybe it’d be nice for you too, maybe?


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