Pam, the Abandoning Life Coach

Pam just hurt my feelings.

Me:  I’m going to make a ‘Pam Tab’ on my blog.

Pam: But what if we stop being friends?

Me:  Why would you say something like that?

Pam: Or what if I stop working here, move away and we never talk?

Me: Pam, Stop being a &%**@!

Pam:  Okay, I’ll never leave. 

Pam is behind me now doing something in my shelves and I just heard her yell, “This isn’t safe!”  I turned around and she’s holding a bag of scizzors that almost fell on her.  Safety’s for losers, Pam. 

Conversation continues:

Me: You’re fired.

Pam: You can’t fire me.  

Me: Yes I can.  You’re not the only one that abandons.

Pam:  What would you do without me?  Who’s gonna read the fine print.

Okay, so this one time, I may have bought some unnecessary things on the internet without reading the fine print.  I thought I was getting free samples, but I was actually purchasing large quantities of supplies.  Pam was reading over my shoulder and stopped me before I devestated my bank account.  She calls it her funniest day at work. 

Pam:  I’m your life coach.  (Picks up the turtle on my desk) This is ugly.


3 responses

  1. bag of scissors. almost as cool as our bucket of knives at work. seriously. it’s a plastic bucket filled with knives that sits on a shelf at eye level. this seems like the most ridiculous, unsafe thing…but there it sits.

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