Here is something I don’t understand…

How people can hate black licorice. 



12 responses

  1. horrible stuff. Horrible horrible stuff… we have tea and hard alcohole here made from Anis – the word for the herb in peru, i think the word sounds like where it comes from. Am i going to get in trouble for this? who reads this anyway?

  2. Like anyone ever gets in trouble with me. Come on.

    And apparently hundreds of people looking for photos of pupusas and Jim Sturgess read my blog, so there!

  3. it doesn’t taste good, i can tell you that much. my dad loves it though so i feel respect for those who love it…and also a bit of remorse that i don’t know them better. wait, i only feel that about my dad, not all black licorice lovers. “licorice” that word should not sound like it does. it makes absolutely no sense in my head…like gaelic. what the f? lickorish. that is how it should be spelled.

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