Top Ten

Most common questions/comments/or concerns directed towards me from others on a regular basis:

1.  You’re weird.

2.  Are those your real eyes?

3.  That’s inappropriate.

4.  Are you still eating? and/or Are you eating again?

5. What’s wrong with you?

6.  I love you, too.  No, I won’t say it again. 

7.  Put me down!  (said mostly by Pam)

8.  Seriously, that’s so weird. 

9.  Why don’t you have a boyfriend? 

10. Shut up.

Actually, the most common expression I hear is, “Wow, you’re like the funniest, wittiest gal I’ve ever met.  Oh My!”


4 responses

  1. John, I know.

    E – Thank you (said with an overly dramatic tone)! I hate when people call me weird. I hate it so much that I NEVER call other people weird – so, we’re totally good.

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