I’ve neglected you, sweet blog.

I have ideas forming in my head, but here’s just one.  Iron and Wine has some of the best lyrics.  And I’d like to make a list of the best lyrics of all time, but not at this moment.  Also, I don’t know if I could possibly ever succeed at such a task.  But here’s some best of Iron and Wine.

1.  Light strikes a deal with each coming night.  (think about this one- it’s so great).

2. They went on to say, that the pearly gates, have some elegant graffiti, like, ‘We’ll meet again” and “F the man” and “Tell my mother not to worry.”

3. Please remember me, finally, and all my uphill clawing, My dear, and if I make the pearly gates, I’ll do my best to make a drawing of God and Lucifer, a boy and girl, an angel kissin on a sinner, a monkey and a man, a marching band, All around the frightened trapeze swingers. 

4. There are times that walk from you like some passing afternoon.

5. I cut my long baby hair, stole me a dog-eared map, called for you everywhere.

6.  Like stubborn boys with big green eyes- We’ll see everything.

7.   And she’s chosen to believe in the hymns her mother sings. 

8.  Do his hands in your hair feel a lot ling a thing you believed in?


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