Geico spies?

I have this friend who has a problem, let’s call her Franklin.  So, Franklin has a newish house and lately she’s been finding an influx of lizards IN HER HOUSE!!  Including last night – while I was on the phone with her – she found one on her bed and she screamed like someone was trying to murder her and also yelled, “Why do they hate me???”   These are the facts:  She has screens on all her windows and there’s no major or minor cracks in the wallsAnd sometimes the lizard is big and sometimes the lizard is small.  So people, what do you think, where are these lizards coming from?  Some theories:

1) Shower Drains

2) Chimney

3) They use their little lizard hands to unlock doors and open them.

4) They’re representatives of Geico working to seduce Franklin into changing her car insurance and so they’re breaking into the house using lizard spy technology. 



6 responses

  1. Why are you so dang funny?! It was a very tramatic time as she was shuttering when I found her in her lizard trance. Thank God for Tim and his Animal Kingdom skills. He killed a cricket also!

  2. How did you find a picture of the lizard? That’s exactly how he was sitting on my bed! I think trying to entice me with his lizard man business.

  3. i vote for #3. that would just be so cute. their little lizardy finners (aka. fingers) unlocking doors. i wouldn’t want them in my house either…but i do think they’re cute.

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