Vampire Weekend

I traded on Swaptree for this:











And I’m cheering, “YES! YES! YES!”  What is this? Reggae? African-Indie-Rock? It’s like Paul Simon’s African Album married a Wes Anderson movie. Whatever it is, lock me in my room with it and throw out the key.  Like it.  Like it.  Like it.



Thanksgiving Bliss Mix

My friend ChrisTiana asked me to make her a folk c.d. for Thanksgiving. Folk, you know, is a pretty broad genre, but I stuck with modern folk and though not intentionally, I ended up using all male singer-song writers. I’m pretty happy with what I have so far. It’s limited by what I have on my shelves right now and by what I know she already has. I’m going to add a few from the Dark Was The Night album. But if you haven’t listened to any of these songs, I HIGHLY recommend them.

Christiana’s Thanksgiving Bliss Mix
1. All My Days: Alexi Murdoch
2. Sarah: Ray LaMontagne
3. Come Pick Me Up: Ryan Adams
4. American Hearts: A.A. Bondy
5. Something True: Band Of Annuals
6. Dead Mans Will: Calexico / Iron And Wine
7. Oh My Sweet Carolina: Ryan Adams
8. Part III: Band Of Annuals
9. Skinny Love: Bon Iver
10. World Without End: A.A. Bondy
11. In My Time Of Need: Ryan Adams
12. Mercy: Band Of Annuals
13. Re: Stacks: Bon Iver
14. Orange Sky: Alexi Murdoch
15. Flightless Bird, American Mouth: Iron & Wine

Ok, Songs Added were:
M.Ward: Here Comes the Sun
Bowerbirds: The Ticonderoga
Bowerbirds: Northern Lights

Didn’t end up adding anything from Dark Was The Night. No room. I take the task of making mix albums really serious. It comes from back in the day when my parents would ground me a lot. I’d use that time to make mix tapes for my pals at school. I also did a lot of interviews with myself. I was a really good reporter.

I hope you all haven’t forgotten about Grooveshark and how you can listen for free over there. 😉

Venn Diagram

This, I love.

venn diagram

Which reminded me of Lisa Hannigan, that little Irish bird.

Venn Diagram:

I have lost you to sleep again. sleeping as we do on opposite sides of a venn diagram I read the time in shadows on the wall – the shards of light through the slats on your window

ah ha ha ha!

I ease myself from under your languid arm, fumble on my boots and hear you breathe through your alarm I disarm it for you, you rarely heed it anyway I wouldn’t want it to intrude upon your dream, school bell ring messing up the play

ah ha ha ha!

A note, penned clumsily in this century’s type-ruined hand saying gone down the shops for a walk I’ll bring back some sandwiches and then I kiss your face, the black and the blue tie it into my laces, I don’t want the wander blocking up the view

ah ha ha ha!

I stumble out into the afternoon. still salty from drink and the late night pool I’ll be gone an hour at most, you will be more diagonal I’ve a head on me in the post, I know, a castle swallowed in the swell.