Thanksgiving Bliss Mix

My friend ChrisTiana asked me to make her a folk c.d. for Thanksgiving. Folk, you know, is a pretty broad genre, but I stuck with modern folk and though not intentionally, I ended up using all male singer-song writers. I’m pretty happy with what I have so far. It’s limited by what I have on my shelves right now and by what I know she already has. I’m going to add a few from the Dark Was The Night album. But if you haven’t listened to any of these songs, I HIGHLY recommend them.

Christiana’s Thanksgiving Bliss Mix
1. All My Days: Alexi Murdoch
2. Sarah: Ray LaMontagne
3. Come Pick Me Up: Ryan Adams
4. American Hearts: A.A. Bondy
5. Something True: Band Of Annuals
6. Dead Mans Will: Calexico / Iron And Wine
7. Oh My Sweet Carolina: Ryan Adams
8. Part III: Band Of Annuals
9. Skinny Love: Bon Iver
10. World Without End: A.A. Bondy
11. In My Time Of Need: Ryan Adams
12. Mercy: Band Of Annuals
13. Re: Stacks: Bon Iver
14. Orange Sky: Alexi Murdoch
15. Flightless Bird, American Mouth: Iron & Wine

Ok, Songs Added were:
M.Ward: Here Comes the Sun
Bowerbirds: The Ticonderoga
Bowerbirds: Northern Lights

Didn’t end up adding anything from Dark Was The Night. No room. I take the task of making mix albums really serious. It comes from back in the day when my parents would ground me a lot. I’d use that time to make mix tapes for my pals at school. I also did a lot of interviews with myself. I was a really good reporter.

I hope you all haven’t forgotten about Grooveshark and how you can listen for free over there. 😉


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