I have been scolded for not blogging more.  How nice to have one fan. 

So what am I doing with my time?

I am reading (will post below).  I am a devotee of the genre of Memoir.  Memoir, you may know, is a subclass of autobiography.  It is different than autobiography in that it is both narrative and reflection mixed together, whereas autobiography is usually just narrative – I did this, and then I did this, and then I went here.   Best said here by Gore Vidal,  “…a memoir is how one remembers one’s own life, while an autobiography is history, requiring research, dates, facts double-checked.”  Since there is more emphasis on what one felt about what happened, rather than perhaps the details of what took place, it can be subjective because no one can remember as YOU remember, and there the fun, the COLORS, begin. 

So, I’m reading Parched by Heather King.  I met her this week and she is just as winsome and kind as her writing suggested.    The book is about her path in and eventually out of alcohol addiction.  It’s tragic and universal, as most great books are.  Read, read!



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  1. also…I sit with one leg curled underneath myself on the edge of my rather tall bed when I read (and comment) on blogs….and I wear ridiculously large pants to bed….I just got up to turn off my light as it is across the room…the foot of my curled leg got caught on the leg of my pants and down I went….with a very loud loud thud.

    …sometimes when no one is around to laugh with you, it is more embarassing.

  2. It’s funny to read this because all I can read these days are memoirs. I’m not even bothering with novels. Oh, and, you have two fans. I got through each category to see if you have written anything else and get VERY disappointed when you haven’t….

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