Rain in Pasadena

Inspired by the rain on my way to work, I wrote this…

(I want to be Amy Gerstler).

Rain in Pasadena

Welcome rain.
Welcome lady in yellow sweater under black umbrella.
Welcome fingerless gloves, stocking caps, wool socks, galoshes.
Welcome foggy breath on my driver’s side window.    
Welcome tea sachet, big mug, long wooden stirrer.
Welcome rain.
Come wash New Year’s Day away. 
The muddy mess of celebration. 
Rose petals, candy wrappers, the footprints of zealous travelers now gone home to their Southern states.
Make our streets dark with your down pouring.  
Dark and clean. 
Bathe my sap-stained car as it sits beneath our weeping tree.
Rinse my dying roses, that ivy I can’t bring to life.
Welcome rain.
I will look after you,
This evening,
When my day is done
Through the stained glass window of my reading room,
Under Sarah’s Christmas gift –
An oversized red and chocolate fleece afghan.
Welcome rain.
Welcome sound, smell, taste. 
Welcome cliché – make us new!
Yes, we beg,
Make us new. 
Welcome scarf tight around my skinny neck.
Welcome rain. 

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