How I love the mandoline…

I am tempted to talk about the cover of Rolling Stones this month, which seems to be the only thing I can discuss these days. It’s John Mayer and he’s looking quite healthy. The article, however, is something else. John Mayer on reading his article: “Just read my Rolling Stone cover article. I’m still not sure if I would want to hang out with me.”

But no, more importantly, and more meaningfully (maybe), I’m excitedly going to hear Chris Thile play on Thursday night. Mr. Thile was formerly a part of Nickel Creek. He plays the mandolin in just about the prettiest, most complicated, heart-achingly ways possible. And he’s got a sweet voice to boot. I am hopeful for a night of relief – of music and goodness and the possibility of being lifted up, up, up.

He’s playing at the Largo – which I love. And supposedly he’s not playing with his band? Maybe? It says with friends. Maybe the band is the with friends.  None-the-less, his band is incredible too – The Punch Brothers.  Nothing like hearing/seeing people do what they love.

Pictures by Matthew Spencer ( – taken from Abigail Seymour’s blog.

And these by Autumn De Wilde …


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