I saw Chris Thile a few weeks back and it was beyond great.  And he did this song called Alex and I loved it, as did Pam (see Pam Tab).  And since seeing him I’ve been following his band which as been fun and filling my life with fresh music.  But here, you can listen too…

And the song, the Alex song, that is sweet to the core – is at about 11:45 or so.  But you should, it’s true, listen to the whole program because they’re just too good to skip over.  Just trust me on this one, OK? 

Oh and you can watch the video of one of the songs here:

And if they don’t come up, type in their names and they will, they just will…


The art of being uncool.

Things that make bring to the mind the question, “Is she the most uncool person alive?”

1. I’m scratching my armpit while writing this.
2. I stayed up the other night until 4am reading an article about Lil’ Wayne and then had a nightmare that I was a drug dealer.
3. I am REALLY excited right now for two reasons – I have NO plans tonight except to write AND the nurse at the doctor’s office was so helpful and got me connected to a new pharmacy. Bite me, CVS!
4. I slept in until noon on Saturday, got up and took a walk, then came back and took a nap. I then slept until noon the next day. Because I’m 14 and apparently experiencing a growth spurt.
5. Last night over dinner I kept repeating, “Oh my god, are these the best fries you’ve ever had? Are they? Oh my god!”
6. I make plans to watch shows on Eastern time even though I live on the West coast. “So the game starts at 6:30?” I say. “3:30, you live in California,” my roommate corrects. “Oh right. Man, why can’t I remember that?”
7. I make a lot of jokes about burning things down. “This is so much fun! We should burn this place down!”
8. I am turning 30 in two weeks and my friend David said today, “Why are you so dramatic? You’ve been thirty since I met you.”

Love you.

Flow gently sweet river, disturb not her dream…

I was listening to music just now – songs played on guitars and mandolines and banjos – and it filled me with something old and familar. Growing up I was surrounded by stringed instruments – mostly guitars (I learned on my father’s beat-up classical)- but there were ukuleles, mandolines, a fiddle, some kind of harped instrument, even a banjo.

The shape of home for me is a mixture of stained glass and bells (collected by my mother), shelves of brown, burgundy and dark blue dusty books, some pinch of San Francisco, a clear blue lake, old cameras, pictures that reak of chemicals created in our garage, Ancient King James’ Bibles and endless music played on records and tape decks – The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Judy Collins, Paul Simon, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Neil Young, Tracy Chapman, The Cheiftains, Winwood, Clapton, Vivaldi, Bach, Mozart, a gospel song here and there, and the sound of my mother’s voice, and my father’s harmony, and the all those stringed instruments tied together in some equisite memory box I’ll never find again – not fully.

Flow gently sweet river, disturb not her dreams…….

Listening to these two songs just now…