The art of being uncool.

Things that make bring to the mind the question, “Is she the most uncool person alive?”

1. I’m scratching my armpit while writing this.
2. I stayed up the other night until 4am reading an article about Lil’ Wayne and then had a nightmare that I was a drug dealer.
3. I am REALLY excited right now for two reasons – I have NO plans tonight except to write AND the nurse at the doctor’s office was so helpful and got me connected to a new pharmacy. Bite me, CVS!
4. I slept in until noon on Saturday, got up and took a walk, then came back and took a nap. I then slept until noon the next day. Because I’m 14 and apparently experiencing a growth spurt.
5. Last night over dinner I kept repeating, “Oh my god, are these the best fries you’ve ever had? Are they? Oh my god!”
6. I make plans to watch shows on Eastern time even though I live on the West coast. “So the game starts at 6:30?” I say. “3:30, you live in California,” my roommate corrects. “Oh right. Man, why can’t I remember that?”
7. I make a lot of jokes about burning things down. “This is so much fun! We should burn this place down!”
8. I am turning 30 in two weeks and my friend David said today, “Why are you so dramatic? You’ve been thirty since I met you.”

Love you.


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