So, yea, I have watched this part of the episode a good five or six times.  Too many favorite parts.  Her voice when ordering the pizza.  Night spanks.  Eating cigarettes.  Her singing the song with Denise.  “Good morning, Dummies.” “If only some genius had video-tapped her living room last night, oh wait, IT did!”


Paint Skills

I’ve always thought I have a real knack for the program, PAINT.  I found this beaut in my collection today.  This is me with the Hulk. 

And just for kicks, Mimi in disguise.  [It’s a tattoo]

Leaving Brooklyn

Lately, besides writing and music, all I can think about is living in Brooklyn. It’s a romantic idea, sure. All the ills that plague me here would plague me there, but still, I think about it. The big droopy trees, the exposed brick, the music-filled pubs and Manhatten, right there. Have I mentioned how I hate the cold?

But I am reading this book: Leaving Brooklyn. Not because of Brooklyn, but it was recommended by a writer friend. The prose is poetic. It reads like a memoir. I’m told the plot doesn’t develop the way it should but I can’t say yet. So far I love it. I sat last night with the windows of my old house open and a warm March breeze rested on me while I read and I was so distracted by happiness over being in such a moment that I could hardly concentrate on the reading. That’s always how it is for me – the excitement of the now or the anticipation that it will end always makes it hard for me to be present.