Stolen from Kimmy

I’m stalking Kimmy.

She’s like the new Pam only I can’t see her except on the internet. 

I saw this on her facebook.  I tried to come up with a code name for facebook, but all I got was headbook, and that just makes me uncomfortable.  Why do I need a code word for facebook?  Don’t ask things like that. 

HibOO d’Live : Local Natives “Wide eyes” from on Vimeo.


2 responses

  1. gosh. I am literally blushing….

    my dad used to say that everything I did was all an attempt to be Megan Young…SO Hillary really you can thank Megan Young.

    the other day in a staff meeting one of my co-workers said faceplace…and I spit my tea out all over the place. (but picture her saying it with a Spanish accent.) it was rich.

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