The part of the blog where I just tell you what I want.

I want to go on a bike ride around a shaded lake.
I want to nap near the lake on an old quilt.
I want the mosquitos to not show up but go away.
and ants. no ants.
I want to swim in the lake during the afternoon time.
and eat rasberries too.

There should probably be a man involved. A nice one. That I can kiss.

If not, a terribly good book instead to keep me warm.


One response

  1. that’s so weird hill. i’ve been thinking about writing a blog called “i want” and listing everything i want right now…but mine would be 75,000 lines long. yours is simple and sweet. i’m greedy. love you so much.

    ps. i want matte navy blue nail polish and a bike. etc.

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