I cannot wait to see this. I first heard about it on NPR — they were interviewing the director/writer and it’s a true story. The writer’s mother was diagnosed with cancer and died, and afterward, his father told him that he was actually gay. Loved his mother, loved his life with his mother, but was gay. Listening to the writer speak on NPR was fascinating — just the nuances of human sexuality, and love, and who we are to each other and how we survive a confusing, unforgiving world. And love. Love. The last two days I struggled to love. I was impatient, irrational, irritated, unhappy, unpleasant, unforgiving. Love. I had the temptation at one moment to roll down my window and scream at an elderly man in his little toyota that he should “NOT BE ALLOWED ON THE ROAD!” Love. For as long as I can remember these things have been true — I can’t keep my mouth shut, I feel before I think, and I’m always too tired. Hm.

and oh, yes, I love, madly so, Ewan Mcregor. Mine. He’s just mine. And I mean no disrespect to his darling wife — he’s actually all hers and if I find out that he’s cheating on her, I will assist Eve in ending his life.


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