Amy Winehouse

I didn’t follow Amy Winehouse, didn’t listen much to her music, or know much about her, but, I always feel a softness and a sadness for anyone that fights against the darkness of addiction and doesn’t get to win. It never seems fair to me – the way the disease eats up the talented and the tortured without much remorse. I started browsing Winehouse’s songs and came across the one shown below. It’s foolish, but something about her voice, and the words, and all that longing, and the fact that she never made it into the clearing — I nearly burst into tears. An actual burst – one of those surprising kinds that comes from the gut and embarrasses you a bit – but I held it together. I keep playing it though. I hear the words different than the Shirelle’s version – it’s sadder. I always seem to like sadder. Minute 1 and a bit after that — there’s something right there that’s just right.


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