The part of the blog where I post observations in the form of a question (the one about Phil Collins)

How much do you totally secretly love Phil Collins?
That’s not an observation, I know. Are any of my observations actually observations? Lame.
You should have observed me singing on the top of my lungs in my car today. Confession: Every time a Phil Collins song comes on I think, “Man, so good.” And I’ve realized that I needed to be more open about my Collins respect, so while drinking beer in the backyard with friends, Peter and Dave, I confessed my adoration and they agreed! So, together, we sang our favorites. Oh come on, say you don’t sing along when good ol’ Phil comes on the soft rock station you have programmed into your radio. No?

Say you don’t feel this mullet…

The best part of youtube videos are the comments underneath,
as in, “im into hardcore and metal and even I´╗┐know i have phill to thank in some ways, real music when it was a simpler time and lets face it…phill collins rules.” Thanks, Freakonetwoonetwo. Put the truth out there!

Who DOESN’T sing along to this song when it’s playing in the grocery store?

And this is the one I sang pretty loud alone. You have to admit it’s better than Sunny and Cher’s version. Common, doesn’t it melt you a wee bit? “Anytime you want to, you can turn me on to, anything you want to, any time at all.”

And remember when Phil Collins was an actor? Yea, I don’t either.