Ya’ll, Friday Night Lights is over.

Do you know your favorite all time drama series?

I had a margarita and watched the final two episodes of Friday Night Lights tonight and damnit, I’m not ready to say goodbye.  It may be the little bit of liquor I drank, but really, it might just be FNL.  I’m struggling to find a comparison.  I like Mad Men, but not more than FNL.  Pushing Daisies was a comedy, right?  Right.  So, doesn’t count.   Dexter was great, but I will not choose a show about a psychopath to be my favorite.  I don’t like what that says about me.  Plus, it wasn’t. Then there was Battlestar Galactica and the ended nearly ruined that show for me.  There were parts in the beginning and middle that were pretty great.  But I SO could have given that show a better ending – don’t get me started.  I have very deep unhappy feelings about all that.

What else is there in the drama category?  I never got into Lost.  Alias was ok.  I’d still like to see The West Wing.  I liked 90210.  And there was a time where I was really obsessed with The X-files.  I had a big fatty crush on David Duchovny and his big nose.  My So Called Life was great.  Oh and Sex in the City — that’s up there on the favorites list.  Pretty far up there.  Oh, and I really liked Quantum Leap.  What?  Is that not a drama?  Seriously, nothing funny about these guys..

Ok, I think I’m going to commit to these four shows as my longstanding favorite dramas.

1.  Wonder Years

2. Felicity

3. Friday Night Lights

4. Sex in the City

Did Wonder Years throw you off?  But seriously, how freaking awesome was that show?  I want to start from the beginning and watch it all again.  I never saw the ending.  I just couldn’t.  Which is actually the purpose of this post.  Endings. Show endings.

Tonight I watched the ending of FNL.  Oh my, I don’t know what to do with myself.  I love them.  (translation – them means characters). I absolutely love them.  Like I know them.  Like they are my real friends and my real life.  Meh.  But, spoiler alert, here are my opions regarding the last episode:

1.  Matt and Julie back together and in Chicago:  PERFECTION.  I love me some Matt Saracen and missed him a lot on that last season.

2.  What the hell is Gracie-Bell gonna do in Phillidelphia, right?

3. Tyra and Riggs — eh.  Just, eh.  I gotta be honest.  I love me some Landry.  And, uh, remember when Landry KILLED someone for Tyra.  Commmmmmon!  I would have liked to have seen her come back for Landry, not Riggs.

4.  Which brings up the point — way to forget about Landry in the end there.  He was by far one of my favorite characters.  He should have got Tyra.  I’m standing by that. Uh, KILLED A MAN FOR HER.  And so damn funny.  Landry was the crap.

5.  Riggs on his land.  Good stuff.  And though I hated Lyla – that may have made a better ending since SO much was built on them getting together.  So, I’m on the fence about Riggs and who he should have been with.  Maybe no one.  Maybe he should have been left dangling out there for all women to long for, for all time.

6.  Coach in Philadelphia.  I liked that he was with High Schoolers.  That’s the right answer.  He should never be a college football coach.  And the woman empowerment part was really great – good for Tammy getting her dreams.  But there was something real sad about them being away from their community and starting over and losing all that Texas goodness.  I get it, but I always feel a little weird when shows end that way.  Like how everyone leaves their New York apartments in Friends.  Or Cheers closes down.  Why can’t stuff keep going just the way it is? But I get it – they had to move on – everyone was OK now — Julie had stopped being a whore, Vince and his mom were on track, the panthers had been restored, Riggins was back and doing good, and Buddy had his boy, and Jess got her family and her dream job.  Good stuff.  But it just seemed like the Taylors should have been those teachers — the ones that stay with high schoolers forever.  But none-the-less, good plot twist and way to go, Eric.

7.  I like the whole Riggins family blending with what’s her face and Luke.  That was all very sweet and good and perfect.  But Luke in the military?  Booooo.

8.  Glad they ended on the Taylor’s.  Would have loved the montage to include EVERYONE — Smash, Street, Lyla, Tyra — the whole shabang.  And where the hell was Gracie Bell?

9.  Way to little of Riggins in Season 5.  Way too little.  Common.  And then he’s all greasy haired angry Riggins for the final two episodes.  Boooo.  Stupid prison ruins everything.

10.  I think I like the Lions better.

Bye Friday Nights.

Texas Forever.






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  1. oh lord, i totally agree!!!! joseph and i cried. yes we did. i didn’t freakin’ even think about landry and tyra. good point! he was awesome! and poor poor gracie bell 🙂

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