Paint Skills

I’ve always thought I have a real knack for the program, PAINT.  I found this beaut in my collection today.  This is me with the Hulk. 

And just for kicks, Mimi in disguise.  [It’s a tattoo]


Mimi’s Website

So today I decided to write a blog about how much I love sweaters and so I googled sweaters and you’ll NEVER believe who popped up! 

No joke!  MIMI! 












For those of you that don’t follow my blog, Mimi is a regular celebrity on my site.  And who knew she had her own website?!?  Oh Mimi.   But seriously, I’m still totally against dogs wearing sweaters.


A friend lent me Felicity.  I can’t even begin to explain how much I love that show.  I watched 6 episodes last night and I was 18 again.  It made me wish I would have done something different with my education.  I think that a lot.  I didn’t have any good academic advisers and I got terrible, disinterested advice about what classes to take and what I should do.  I wish I would have taken art history classes, fashion, photography, film and more writing and lit classes and done some acting.  I did one acting class and the professor (Monica Ganas) cried when i did my monologue and I actually thought a few times – I really like this!  I think I would have loved acting.  In High School too the Drama teacher approached me and asked me to be a ballerina in a play.  I didn’t do it and I still regret that.  I don’t feel like I took big enough risks.  I was too scared.  But I suppose in some ways I followed my heart – did what made me happy then.  I wanted to help people and study God and that’s what I did.  Anyways, the show just got me nostalgic for that seminal time in my life –  although nothing in the world would make me relive those years again  – all the emotions and confusion and everything feeling so HUGE – like the world might end tomorrow.  But if I could go back – I’d do it all different.  I’d go to New York or study in London.  I’d get into debt for a really compelling education rather than the safe one I did get.  Oh and I’d travel.  Forget working at camps – I’d have used those summers to live in Italy and backpack around South America.  I would have made myself learn Spanish.  Although, here’s what I am completely confident about – I wouldn’t, under any circumstances, want to give up the friends I met in college – in my college.  I know I would have met other beautiful people – but I want MY beautiful people because everything I love about my life now revolves around knowing them.  So, in that regard, I wouldn’t, really couldn’t, change a thing.  

But oh Ben and Noel and Felicity.  They’re giving me a much needed world to escape back into and I love them endlessly.  I wonder what Felicity’s life would have ended up being like if she had married Noel instead?  Ben probably became an alcoholic and cheated on her with someone he met in recovery.  Just kidding!  And not true!  But I totally understand the Ben Pull- it’s Ben and I would have chosen Ben too because, you know, it’s Ben.  If you haven’t seen the show, sorry I ruined it and you should see it anyways because it’s so sweet and wonderful.  And I don’t understand how the three main characters of this show didn’t go on to be big blockbuster stars.  It’s Ben!

And how totally annoiying is it how much they all say, “Hey…” 

Anyways, to the photos…









just kidding, Mimi hates Felicity.  Such a snob.


I’m headed to Tahoe for the Fourth of July.  I spent a big portion of my childhood living in Tahoe – my happiest memories are there.  My father was born and raised at the lake and my mother spent time working as a waitress, serving drinks to BB King.  My grandfather is buried there, my uncle too.  And as much as we can, we yearly try and go to Tahoe for the Fourth.  There’s really nothing like seeing the neon explosions over the lake.  It’s awe inspiring.   I’m posting BIG pictures for this one. 





Just kidding, Mimi’s not coming!  She hates the Fourth.