Jane Asher

Was better than Paul McCartney deserved.  I just read her blurb on Wikipedia and got, yet again, disheartened by those Beatle boys.   The more I read about them, the more I like their girlfriends more than I like them.  I think I’m copying her bangs.  Well, I mean, I already have her bangs.  I should have been born a redhead.  I knew that the moment I saw Anne of Green Gables.  Although Jane’s red looks a little, um, artificial, no?  Maybe not. 


Give me an F…. F! You got your F, You got your F!

It’s August and I can feel fall coming, which in my book means one thing – FOOTBALL SEASON!  I may wear skinny jeans, band shirts, bangs and scarfs in summer.  I may listen to indie radio and go to the artsy movie theatre.  But come fall, I love me some football – always have, always will. 


Now I know I shouldn’t talk about it because it’s so overdone, but I can’t help it – Brett Favre.  Here’s the thing – I know he’s acted a fool.  I know he’s been a diva.  I know he’s been inconsistent.  And even though I feel real sad with how he left things with Green Bay, I love him.  The man loves to play, loves to win and I can accept that.  If he was a terrible player or a has-been then I’d say: “get off the field!” –  but he’s still got it.  I do wish he’d shut up and play though.  I don’t want to hear anymore news conferences or interviews or crying sessions.  No more words.  Throw the ball, Favre.  And stop retiring. 

Anyways, here’s to early morning College games, long Sundays, the Niners having a chance, mud and rain and the sound of helmets clashing, Favre shutting up, Berkeley pride and a cold, glass of beer.  Let the games begin! 


Funny Political Photos

Pam and I, during lunch, decided to look up photos of politicians when they were young.  We ended up having a good laugh at what we found.  Oh internet, we love you.  





























Recognize this guy?










We called these next few ones:  Get a room, Politicians! Gross. 













 It almost looks like Condi is sitting on his lap. 













And is Hillary Clinton biting Obama’s shoulder?











Check out Hillary’s pants.













And I tried to convince Pam that Reagan has on a monokini.  Remember, from the 80’s with the cut out sides?  Girl, you know you had one. 




Nick Jonas

If I was forced to pick a Jonas brother, let’s say for adoption purposes, I would choose Nick Jonas.   You’re just a pretty face, Joe (nice tambourine, man!).  I would also force Nick to cut off all ties with Miley Cyrus because I have strong feelings of dislike for that girl.  And maybe I agree, maybe Nick is the next Justin Timberlake, minus all the sexy talk.  I blame Rolling Stones that I’m even talking about this.  They put the Jonas brothers on the front this month.  So, you know, they forced me to pick a favorite.  I’m going to go read something substantial and forget i ever mentioned this. 



(500) days of Summer

I’m so excited for this movie I can hardly breathe.*  I love her (Zooey.  Just found out she’s engaged to Ben Gibbard from Death Cab for Cutie which made me sad because I like his old girfriend).  I want the soundtrack.  I love that it’s in L.A.  (I’m as of late falling in love with L.A.).  And I already know who I’ll identify with.  The heart sick, love sick, dopey one.  Oh bother.   

Click on the picture to watch the preview!  I’m so technologically advanced these days.  Actually I still don’t know how to put a youtube video on my site. 



The Most Stupidiest Blog I’ve Ever Written, Ever.

I went to lunch with a few coworkers the other day.  We got Thai.  I ordered Spicy Basil Shrimp on Brown Rice hold the Spicy.  I received Spicy Basil Shrimp on White Rice.   The conversation went like this: “Are those chillis?”  “What?”  “Are those chillis?”  “They look like chillis.”  ” I, uh, actually said I didn’t want it spicy?” “Well is it spicy?” 

Moving on. 

Drew Barrymore came up.  Which got the table talking about our celebrity crushes.  She was a hit.  Not with me.  I insisted we write out our lists immediately on the paper tablecloths.  Girl and Boy list.  Here’s the list I came up with since I know you’re all dying to know who I picked!  Okay, I’m going to be honest – I can’t remember my list… which is driving me crazy.  So here’s my list for today for boys.  I’ll do my girl list some other time because I’m tired and this is a complete waste of my time and yours.  Why are you even still reading?  Go read the Economist.  Or BBC.  Or read on!

1. Lee Pace:  Star of Pushing Daisies.  Star of my Dreams.  (It’d be so much funnier if you could hear me saying that).   I went through a phase where I was WAY into Lee.  Like WAY into him.   

Lee Pace












2.  Robert Pattinson:  I know.  He’s like four years old.  But READ THE BOOKS and LEAVE ME ALONE.  And come on, look at his photo …












3.  Adrien Brody:  It’s the voice and the nose and the extremely long legs.  Love him.  Plus the Darjeeling Limited is my favorite movie right now.  Has been this last year. 














4.  Jim Sturgess:  I really do want to find Jim Sturgess and ask him out on a date.  Or maybe just clone him.  Clone him and name the clone The Other Jim Sturgess.  Or The Jim Sturgess That Only Digs My Chilli. 













 5.  This last one was a bit hard for me.  I couldn’t decide between Ewan McGregor, Billy Crudup (who usually always wins), John Krasinski or Ryan Gosslin.  And didn’t Billy Crudup leave his wife when she was pregnant?  And Ryan Gosslin, though one of my favorite actors, seems like a diva, plus I don’t like blondes.  So that lives John Krasinski or McGregor.   McGregor is Scottish and rides motorcycles so he wins.